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1.-What are the Cakes made of?
Some cakes contain: 
Different ingredients as in flavors, wheat, nuts, eggs, liqueur, and milk.
(beware it will be at your own risk if some of your guest are allergic)
* no lactose and tolerant, egg-less, sugar-less will not be made. We do not specialize on "Special Cakes."

   2. When should I place in my order?

We require up to 1-2 week in advance for regular events. For weddings, we require up to 3 - 6 months ahead of time.

  3. What's a "RUSH FEE?" Why pay "RUSH FEE?"

Rush Orders are made by people who procrastinate, leaving everything to the last minute. In order for us to do those cakes, we will have to set aside other regular orders.  We do charge a rush fee, depending on the cake's details.

  4.When is my order considered a "RUSH ORDER?" 

Your order is considered "RUSH" when it's 4 days prior your event, not counting the pick up day.  

  5.Why are the cakes so expensive?

You pay for the best!
We are passionate for what we do. We take pride in each cake we make, working hard and making each cake unique and amazingly beautiful.

    6. Am I allowed to change the pick up time? OR date? 

It depends on how late or early you placed your order.
If you place your order up to 1 to 3 weeks  in advance, you can change the pick up time and/or date. According to our policy, the representative helping you will give you a deadline for making any changes. We tend to write the last date for changes on the top of your receipt.
IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE after the deadline on your receipt, we will have to charge a fee for the work we have to re make.  

  7. Can I pay the complete total of the cake over the phone with my credit card?

NO!  We require 50% down deposit when you place your order. The remaining balance is due when you pick up your cake. 

  8. Can someone living in another state pay for my cake?

YES. However, the person who comes to our store will have to present STATE ID. 
FRAUD: If you are trying to commit a fraud, please be aware that the person who placed the order will also be held responsible and will share the same consequences.

  9. For how many days can I keep the cake at home? 

We recommend 3 days stored inside a fridge to keep the freshness. Our cakes have about 1 week lifespan. After 1 week, discoloration will take place

  10. Are cake samples available? 

Yes. We have different cake flavors for you to try. Weekly, the flavors vary.  
Weddings: You can choose up to 5 different flavors for free. However, if you do not come to the tasting at the time and date you agreed with CAKES4ALL,  we will charge a $45 fee for placing in a cake tasting and not showing up. Credit card information is required. 

   11. What is a smash cake?

It is an individual cake, 6" single layer, made for a kid to smash. 

  12. Can a wedding cake be delivered on a Sunday?

Because our store Is closed on Sundays, only deliveries with delivery fee will be delivered on Sundays.

   13. Can the colors on a picture be changed?

NO! We have no control over the colors of the picture printed.  The picture will come out the same way it appears. We are cake professionals, not editing experts. Also Printers change the original colors for other similar.  

   14. Can I get my money refunded?

No, we give no refunds.

   15. Can you give an estimate based on just one idea

No, we need more information such as:
  how many serving you will need?
 By when are you going to need the cake?
 Detailed ideas

  16. Can you make a cake that is not on the Cakes4all Website?

Yes. We can do even better. You can also change specific parts such as size or colors, add or take out specific decorations. 

   17. Can a cake be ordered for 5 servings or less?

No. The smallest size we have is a 6" round cake for 12 servings.

    18. Does Cakes4all accept Food Stamps?
No. We do not accept "foodstamps" or "Lonestar."

    19. Can I pay with a personal check?

No. We do not accept personal checks, only cash and credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover debit cards, Cash) 
*Company checks are accepted!

    20. I've called multiple times and every time I talked to someone the price changed. Why?

Keep in mind we have different sale representatives and each will calculate a different estimate. To first calls, we generally estimate price without including details or labor hours. If you place the order with the 1st price we give you, it may be in your favor. If you decide to place the order on a later day, the prices will change because we might evaluate the details and time will have to add to our labor hours. 
*The price changes are to our consideration and rights.

   21. Does Cakes4all deliver?

Yes. We deliver. 

Monday - Saturday

$50.00 within the 50 mile round trip If you exceed over the 50 miles the fee will be $2.00 per mile over round trip.


$100.00 within the 50 mile round trip If you exceed over the 50 miles the fee will be $2.00 per mile over round trip.

   22. If I order a liqueur flavor cake, will the cake get my guests drunk?

No. Liqueur cake will NOT get people drunk. When the cake is in the oven, the liqueur will evaporate with the heat.