Safety Tips For Transporting 


When you order a cake in Cakes4all over the phone or in our shop you are agree with all these terms and conditions.

Edible Picture Policies

Cakes 4 all Wedding bakery and cake shop baking to all Dallas Fort worth

Purchase Policies

1.-  we do not accept to print any picture that has copyright reserved,
2.- the customer is solely responsible for the material given to us to print.
whether the customer has or does not have the permission of the author.
 3.- The customer must sign a document to  releases cakes4all from problems.

4.-JPG Format photos only.

5.- Pictures taken from another screen to be printed are really bad idea, please find the source download it to your phone and send it to our email address.

5.- Digital picture or paper picture will change its original color when we print it out, please you must understand we use water to stick pictures on the cakes.


add water to a white paper, the wet part still white but it will loose its brightness.  if this paper have images colors will change.

1.-Please ensure that the pick up of your cake is the last of your trips before arriving to your final destination.  (Please do not leave your cake in the car while you shop.)

2.-Drive with precaution; Avoid pot-holes, sharp turns, and slamming on the brakes.

3.-Ensure that the temperature in your car is as cold and as it can be.

4.-Be sure you have available a flat area in you car to set the cake in. (Do not set cake in car seat or trunk.)

5.-The best way to carry your cake is arms extended out like a forklift.
6.- Boxes are only  to prevent Flies and little objects that  can fall into the box when you move your cake.

7.- Once home keep cake refrigerated. If unable to then keep in cool place away from direct sun and must be at least around 60 to 70 degrees. (Outside it takes 30 min for your cake to melt and fall apart in spring and summer season on fondant cakes. Butter cream cakes after 1 hour you will see bubbles)

8.- Following these easy steps your cake has a 99.9% chance to make it to the event intact.

 9.- Cake 4 All is only responsible for the cake until it is your hands. Once the cake leaves our door the cake is your responsibility please follow the tips above to ensure your cake will arrive safely.

Thank you for choosing Cakes 4 All, we hope you find these tips helpful.

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1.- Precaution : CONSUME CAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK: All our cakes may include : Eggs, nuts, glutten, sugar, soy, wheat, peanut butter, oils, milk, and liqueur. 


3.-   ID REQUIRED.  We are inflexible in this issue, we fight fraudulent people.

4.- 50 % Deposit required.

5.- If you decide to cancel, you must do it in person or by phone. Confirm the name of the person that is assisting you. Email cancellations are not valid. Remember you will lose your deposit.

6.- Over the phone orders you will receive  these policies by text to your phone or email address.

7.- With or without your consent CAKES4ALL charges the complete total of a finished cake from your credit card when you forget to pick up your cake, or cancel the order with less than a week notice.

8.- If you come to pick up a cake for somebody else and the purchase  is part of a fraud, you will share the same consequences as the other person. Even If you are not aware of current fraud taking place.

9.- If we feel the need to take a copy of your Id, we will not hesitate to do so.

10.- If faced with questions or doubts concerning your order, the staff from CAKES4ALL will try contacting you with the provided phone number. If  we have trouble contacting you, we will make decisions to our own extend to finish your order.

11.- Please be on time when you pick up your order at the specified time you agreed on.

12.- CAKES4ALL can change the pick up time on "rush" orders  if needed.

13.- We allow you to make one change to your cake in person only, more  changes can cause confusion. 

14.- If you accidentally damage your cake, we might be able to fix it but an extra fee will be added on.

Fees can vary with labored hours on the damage area from $65.00 per hour.

15.- If You decide to make a change to your order, please notify us two weeks ahead of time for no extra charge. If you decide to change your order in less than a week prior to the specified pick up date, there will be a fee. Fees vary with the desired change's complexity.


16.- Make sure that your cake it is what you asked for. We try our best to meet our costumers expectations, however if we miss a detail on the design, please let us know in that moment, and we will be more than happy to fix it.

​after that we will not accept complaint about it, there will not be  refund or store credit.


16.- If your order is a different flavor that you didn't ask for we suggest for you to not consume your cake and bring it back to us and we will give you a refund if and only if the cake is not 80% consumed.

16 We highly suggest to come in for a cake tasting before ordering your cake.IF you order over the phone without trying our cakes there will be no store credit and you won't be able to return the cake.

17.- If You worry about how to handle your cake, we advice you to look over our "Safety Tips".

18.- Cakes4all honorably  pledges all copyrights agreements.

19.- Do not mix or match coupons for a lower discount. For our facebook friends only , you will receive an additional 3% off to any other promotions

​20.-The person who's name is on the order is the only one who can make any changes, cancellations, good or bad comments about our services.